Short Term Missions

Our team will work with your group to train you up to go on local outreaches in our city. Depending on the age and number in the group, we will tailor a plan to best use the gifts and talents in your group to share the love of Jesus with others. During your stay we will feature different testimonies from our team members to hear about what they are doing to advance the kingdom.

Operation Fayetteville & Ft. Bragg

Whether it’s at a local park setting up games, music and fun in a lower income neighborhood for the kids, making lunch for the homeless, swinging a hammer and painting in a nearby neighborhood, or crafting greeting cards and visiting the Wounded Warriors at Fort Bragg to thank them for their service and pray a blessing over them, we have you covered. Whatever the focus will be, your group will be heavily impacted during this time of kingdom work.

Older age groups will have the option to be educated on what human trafficking looks like in the U.S. and how safe social media practices can help keep them and their friends from being a target.


To city’s downtown resource that will help distribute hope to the homeless, food to the hungry, clothes to the naked, and restoration to the broken. At the core of our mission and vision is the desire to be the premier city resource for the City’s at-risk population — a drive that invariably relieves the City’s already heavily burdened social services community and improves the target area locations by fostering positive and holistic neighbor-helping-neighbor philosophies.


While we are not set up for traditional lodging, we have several nearby hotels or can offer you our building for an old fashioned ‘camp in’ if the kids bring their sleeping bags. We have two floors with restrooms where the boys and girls could be separated. We also have a small dry food pantry kitchen, but do not have a kitchen facility for cooking.

Please email us with your prospective trip dates with some information about your group, and any questions to: